Inbound marketing management

honey marketing understands that customers do not want to be bothered, but they are willing to stop and read helpful information relevant to their success. Your new customers will appreciate your knowledge, and in return will engage with you.

We offer services to help you establish and maintain your brand and message across the inbound marketing channels listed below.

Content creation

We develop and optimize SEO friendly content that gets results. honey marketing will team with your organization to target keywords, and then create content that showcases your expertise, and is meaningful to your audience:

  • advertisements
  • blog posts
  • case studies
  • presentations
  • press releases
  • social media posts
  • technical briefs
  • videos
  • webinars
  • website content
  • white papers


Using optimized content, we will position your message to your audience through various channels and lead nurturing campaigns, ensuring a message that results in qualified inbound leads:

  • initial CRM consultation
  • website content and landing page creation
  • lead nurturing work-flows
  • email blasts
  • social media posts
  • press releases
  • event participation

SEO services

As a service honey marketing can monitor the health of your website’s structure from an SEO perspective, as well as the content. We work with you to establish and maintain keyword authority, measuring the performance of your site against your closest competitors. We also work to establish backlinks to your site from sites with higher authority, which search engines love.

Reach out and let us know how honey marketing can help: